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Cal Orko Dinosaur Wall of Bolivia

Cal Orko – The Dinosaur Wall of Bolivia

Cal Orcko (Voice Quechua Cal Urqu, 'Hill of Cal') is a paleontological site, found at the quarry at a factory of cement, in Bolivia (FANCESA), department of Chuquisaca. It is the site with traces of dinosaurs in the world, as it contains over 5,000 tracks of 294 species of dinosaurs.

The discovery is an enormous contribution to history and science, revealing data heretofore unknown about the end of the period Cretaceous and the beginning of the Tertiary, about 66 million years, thus documenting the high diversity of dinosaurs better than any other place in the world.

Until its discovery, the largest and most important site was Khjoda-Pil-ata, in Turkmenistan, and others in Portugal, Great Britain, Spain and Switzerland. But as Cal Urqu none, since it is several times larger than either of them elsewhere in the world only up to 220 tracks were only two species.

Source:- Spluch


  1. Why are the footprints at such a weird angle, I presume the ground moved since they were made ?

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