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Give Multiple Orgasms With Small Penis

How to Give Multiple Orgasms With Small Penis

Have you been wondering what brings a woman to a hot and intense multiple orgasms? Would you like to find out now? What you need to know is how her body works and how it responds. Generally, women respond in different ways but in most cases they are turned on when they are touched or kissed in sensitive areas like their erogenous zones. If you want her to achieve burning orgasms, do these 2 easy tips that really work. They do work even if you have a small penis.

Tip # 1 - Stimulate her breasts: You should always remember to give enough attention to her breasts particularly her nipples. These areas are sometimes neglected so see to it that you stimulate it during foreplay. You can tease the nipples by caressing them or you can even gently suck them for more sensation. A little bit of teeth action will surely help. The breasts are sensitive areas so if you stimulate them well she may already reach near-climax point even without you touching the rest of her body yet. This technique will definitely take her to the peak of her arousal. This might even give your woman orgasms even before the main event so do not forget to use these erogenous zones to your advantage.

Tip # 2 - Stimulate her clitoris: Do not be surprised but do you know that there are a lot of men out there who do not know the importance of giving their partners clitoral stimulation for them to reach orgasm? You need to give her clitoral stimulation for her to reach climax. You can do this using your fingers or better yet your tongue before the actual penetration. Doing this would likely bring her to the peak. And if you proceed with stimulating her clitoris with your penis you would surely give her multiple orgasms. Use these two tips tonight and see the wonders they can do to hers.


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