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Lego Airplane (Airbus) Amazing

Amazing Lego Airplane (Airbus) A380

While the Lego Airbus A380 at Legoland is the biggest Lego airplane out there, this one is much cooler. To start with, there are motherf*cking snakes inside, along with five other movie scenes. And then, it's computer-controlled, using a touchscreen.

The PC program running on the touch screen controls eight Mindstorm NXT engines and six hitechnic servos, which in turn can retract the gear, open cargo doors, move the flaps, raise the air brakes, activate the landing lights, move the tail fin, and throttle the engines, among other actions.

As for the movie scenes involving airplanes, you can check them out in the gallery, but they are all pretty obvious.

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  1. Alec W.
    4:59 AM

    Wow. Just... Wow. Wish I had the pieces. How many pieces is in that monster??? And 400 or so minifigs?!?! Can I buy it? Lol

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