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Newborn Baby Symptoms Cleft Palate Lip And Syphilis Treatment

Newborn baby Symptoms suffering Causes from Cleft Palate Lip And Syphilis Docter Told cleft Lip Surgery Or Repair Treatment in south China Pictures

The male baby was abandoned by his 23-year-old mother on December 30, 2010, three days after he was born, according to the hospital. He was sent by local police to Sanya Social Welfare House and was sent back to the hospital for Doctor medical treatment. The baby was diagnosed with not only serious Cleft lip (cheiloschisis) and cleft palate (palatoschisis), which can also occur together as cleft lip and palate, are variations of a type of clefting congenital deformity caused by abnormal facial development during gestation. A cleft is a fissure or opening—a gap. It is the non-fusion of the body's natural structures that form before birth. Approximately 1 in 700 children born have a cleft lip and/or a cleft palate. An older term is harelip, based on the similarity to the cleft in the lip of a hare. A cleft lip or palate can be successfully treated with surgery, especially so if conducted soon after birth or in early childhood but also syphilis.

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the spirochetal bacteria Treponema pallidum subspecies pallidum. The primary route of transmission of syphilis is through sexual contact however it may also be transmitted from mother to fetus during pregnancy or at birth resulting in congenital syphilis.

The signs and symptoms of syphilis vary depending on which of the four stages it presents in (primary, secondary, latent, and tertiary). The primary stage typically presents with a single chancre, secondary syphilis with a diffuse rash, latent with little to no symptoms, and tertiary with gummas, neurological, or cardiac symptoms. Diagnosis is usually via blood tests. It can be effectively treated with antibiotics, specifically intramuscular penicillin G



  1. Anonymous
    2:49 AM

    I think this baby must die. The life will be extremely cruel for him!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous
    2:41 AM

    You can't be serious. It looks horrendous but it's very treatable. How about we kill you next time you get sick?

  3. Anonymous
    7:31 PM

    poor thing, but it is treatable. A good dr can fix it up.

  4. Anonymous
    11:35 AM

    It is really very treatable. Get information before sendind stupid comments.

  5. Anonymous
    9:27 AM

    This is so sad poor little baby this breaks my heart to see this and your are an idiot for saying this baby should die maybe the mother that abandoned this helpless child with a serious illness and an STD should be the one you are wishing to die not this innocent baby!!!!!

  6. Anonymous
    6:04 AM

    Sometimes it is better for a child to die then suffer its entire life....

  7. Anonymous
    9:33 PM

    Life is what you make it. to wish death on a baby or any person says so much about the person who said it. i feel more sorry for the person who wished death on the baby than the baby himself. you are a sorry, sad person

  8. Anonymous
    7:16 AM

    Well, it is sad, an this would be a hard desicion, but reguardless if it lives, then definitely get the fixed! but yall aint shud be considerate, like the person to up from me! this baby has a chance! God Bless the child an hope to god it makes it!!

  9. Anonymous
    7:43 PM

    life is not about the present(the baby had born)not about the past( that the mother was insecure) its really about the individuals future,in life one problem always lead up to another n everything happen for a reason so they should think about the child n how the future might be before the react to the situaton

  10. Anonymous
    9:53 PM

    No matter what problems the poor baby has, i think he/she os cute.. And it breaks my heart to see a poor innocent baby having to live with STDs and ots not even hos/her fault.. And you people that are saying the baby should die : Much said about you :(

  11. Anonymous
    4:59 PM

    The baby can be treated and can have a good life, no reason to suffer as surgery can be done. What a horrible person to say the baby should die. Shame on you

  12. Anonymous
    5:13 PM

    Poor baby, thats sad, good thing it can be treated.

  13. Anonymous
    3:29 AM

    My daughter was born was a cleft and she was operated on at 6 weeks old, now people can hardly tell she has any surgery and looks just lovely. She is now 13! It is such a common birth defect, and with some surgeries this baby will have a great life and look back wondering what all the fuss was about. May the Lords and Ladies bless you and your life.

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