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The World's Top Most Expensive And Luxury Bed Goes On Sale

A handcrafted double bed has gone on sale for £4 million and is touted as the world’s most expensive place to rest your head.

The Baldacchino Supreme is inlaid with 107kg (236lb) of 24ct gold and is fashioned out of chestnut and ash wood with a cherry wood canopy.

It comes complete with Italian silk and cotton drapes and the headboard can be customised to take diamonds for that hint of extra bling.

The luxury item was made by British designer Stuart Hughes, who specialises in dolling up items for the super rich, such as gold-plating iPhones and selling them for £22,000.

He also hit the headlines when he customised an iPhone 4 with a 65million-year-old T.rex tooth and meteoric stone.

The 39-year-old Liverpudlian, who worked with Italian design company Hebanon for the bed, said the ‘incredible’ detail made it ‘out of this world’.

‘It is the sort of thing only the super rich can afford, billionaires who have everything and are always looking for unique gifts,’ he added.

He has made two of the beds so far, with each one taking three months.

One has already been snapped up by an Italian businessman.


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