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The Chinese Man wakes Up With Mystery Tattoo On Bottom

Chinese Man | Mystery Tattoo
The Chinese Man wakes Up With Mystery Tattoo On Bottom

Chinese man wakes up with mystery tattoo on bottom after routine surgery. A man who went for a routine operation in the Yunnan province of China woke up with a nasty surprise - a mystery tattoo on his right buttock.

Sheng Xianhui only noticed the offending ink a week after the surgery, though - and even then it was only because his wife spotted it while he was getting in the shower.

The background to the entire episode seems rather murky, but what is clear from the picture above is that Mr Sheng does indeed now sport a rather fetching tattoo.

Strangely, it translates as 'Stone Disease' and Mr Sheng claims he must have been branded by hospital staff while he was unconscious.

The hospital's defence is quite inventive at least - he must have been allergic to the sheets.

Mr Sheng initially went to hospital for gall bladder removal surgery and, when he awoke, said he felt a slight pain in his behind but thought nothing of it.

'After the surgery I felt my right butt top was painful but I thought it was a normal reaction,' he said.

The large marks, measuring 15cm long by 8cm wide, 'are like burn scars' his wife has said.

The hospital say they are investigating the circumstances surrounding the entire mystery.


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