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Alcoholic Monkey Drinks 3 to 4 Beers A Day

BANNO loves beer, she guzzles at least three to four bottles everyday. And if she doesn't get her quota, she can even turn violent. In fact, Banno has been hooked on the drink for the last decade or so, even as her peers favour bananas. For Banno is a female monkey in Nawabganj locality of Unnao.

For over a decade now, Banno has been living on a tree near a beer shop in Nawabganj. Over the years, she has become the local star, as visitors flock to the area to see the monkey drinking beer.

According to Ram Nath, a local vendor, Banno developed the "addiction" after some taxi drivers gave her some beer on a hot summer day many years back. "Since then, drivers who pass by have been providing her with half or quarter bottles of beer," he says.

And now, the monkey apparently cannot do without the drink, even going to the extent of attacking people. "She injures people and snatches their beer bottles," adds Ram Nath.

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