Friday, May 18, 2018

Caine's Monroy | A Cardboard Arcade Made By a 9-year Old Boy

A 9 year old Caine Monroy From Los Angeles, California boy who spent most of his time in his busy father’s auto parts shop decided to spend his summer making his dream of running his very own arcade a reality.After devoting his entire summer vacation to building, collecting and designing his own cardboard box games, displays and the toys you’d win after redeeming your tickets, he would wait for customers to come. And he would wait, and waited even longer, even refusing to close up shop early in case a customer arrived. His Dad, George Monroy says with a smile

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The cardboard arcade would have been only the stuff of family photo albums until his first customer finally stopped by the East Los Angeles shop for a part to his ’96 Corolla. The customer – Nirvan Mullick, happens to be a filmmaker and took much interest in the boy’s story while he was waiting.
He saw the amazing series of Midway-style cardboard games and challenges that young Caine had created — each with its own series of prizes tacked on a board.
The young boy even had a business model built into his imaginary arcade: Visitors could buy either a four-game pass for $1 or the 500-game “fun pass” for the slightly higher price, $2.
Impressed by the boy’s ingenuity and entrepreneurship, Mullick decided to ask his father for permission to make Caine’s story into a short film. Of which has gone viral and has granted Caine notoriety in ways unimaginable (seriously, watch the video above to see how Caine’s Arcade became viral).
Mullick captured Caine’s Joy when people from all around came together to play his games and support his dream. Within 24 hours of Caine’s Arcade going viral, a website had been set up to collect donations for Caine’s college fund, and in less than a day the total had hit $100,000. Awesome…!