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World’s Smallest Baby

Meet Amillia Taylor - or what she looked like in October, when she was born as the world's youngest surviving premature baby. Amillia was born at a Miami hospital after less than 22 weeks of development. Since then she's been incubating and is expected to go home soon.

Is there nothing more amazing than those teeny tiny translucent feet. Hold your own hand out in front of you, and imagine those feet poking through your fingers. She was 10 OUNCES when born (280 grams), and 9.5 inches (240 cm). That's just longer than the length of your hand.

Now she looks like this:

for more information:- neatorama ,cellar


  1. Anonymous
    2:52 AM

    nice blog

  2. Anonymous
    11:39 AM

    Uhm... if she were 240 cm, she would be taller then the avarage male..

    get you facts straight before you post somthing on the internet;)

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