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Record Broken, Teeth Intact

A MALAYSIAN nicknamed King Tooth pulled a seven-coach train using a steel rope clenched in his teeth yesteray.

Organisers said the feat set a new world record for the heaviest weight pulled with a set of pearly whites.

Grunting and gasping, Rathakrishnan Velu's neck muscles strained and his face contorted as he hauled the train weighing 297.1 tonnes over 2.8m along tracks.

The feat is expected to be recognised by Guinness World Records within three weeks, said Mr Rathakrishnan's manager, Anna Chidambar.

"I don't know what toothpaste he uses but I am sure a lot of companies will be looking to endorse their products from Rathakrishnan," said Cabinet minister Maximus Ongkili, who witnessed the effort at a Kuala Lumpur railway station.

Mr Rathakrishnan beat his own world record, for which he pulled 260.8 tonnes.

Source:- Spluch Via News


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