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Pregnant Women Wye Five Births is Mischievous

Pregnant women Wye five births waist 1.75 meters bus and Columbia could not contain
Picture: Super pregnant Jiaoyubei
Last night at the hospital
Wealth "five births," she

Recently, readers have been concerned about the Songyuan "super pregnant woman" pregnant five twin thing is a fake!

Why lie? This one of the hidden reason?
Mi invited the media to recognize the "false pregnancy"

Yesterday afternoon, when the news media as "super-women" inside Jiaoyubei worried about the safety of five births, but in Songyuan Jiaoyubei quietly invited to a hotel in Changchun TV "City Express" Changchun journalists and Puji hospital named Li president herself have face-to-face about five births is false.
Subsequent to the live reporter to a telephone, Lee confirmed the matter and said that her husband is Jiaoyubei and cars rushed to the hospital by Changchun.
-- Lies Record
1. "Hospitals can not find proof"
Reporters received "super pregnant women," the news clues, the first reaction is a matter of credibility. In Jiaoyubei home, the reporters look at the first hospital checks proved that, Jiaoyubei said no, her family also said to have disappeared.Qiao said to reporters following the "China and the United States hospital" to verify, a doctor said, had really come to a pregnant woman, and have found multiple births, but a long time, other things do not remember it.
2. "Personally neighbors, stop"
To further verify the reporter visited the village and Jiaoyubei villagers.They said long ago that Joe roared though, "five twin" thing also spread in the village, there will be no mistake.
Jiaoyubei neighbor, 61-year-old Ma Granny said, a few days before her own neighbors Jiaoyubei the belly, pregnancy is really about.
Reporter provide clues to the news media Songyuan a reporter said that she had personally touch Jiaoyubei belly, I feel really pregnant.

-- Many doubt
1. Pregnant women from jumping through the window
Yesterday, the province went to the media early Jiaoyubei home in the early to persuade her to the hospital for an examination to be qualified production.During Qiao also said to the problem and do not hesitate, when after all the attention, has hastily jumped out from the windows, disappeared.
2. Medical prevarication
"Jiaoyubei pregnant five births," the first article of the issue, including this newspaper, the province has more than media attention Joe's physical condition, and frequently consult the experts, Qiao Shi many production should be brought to the attention of (Joe During this period there have been vomiting), whose family also hope Joe Yu Changchun, the wave energy to the hospital for examination and expectant.
But Jiaoyubei hesitation on the matter has been volatile: the evening of June 12, Changchun Puji Hospital Songyuan Lee and his entourage arrived, to mobilize Joe Changchun, Joe agreed to the vehicle until the next day to long.But on the road, she changed his mind, saying that Beijing wanted to check, then returned to the Songyuan. Yesterday morning, said Jiaoyubei willing to Changchun, and take the initiative with the premier.

Not believe "infertility"
At noon yesterday, reporters Jiaoyubei home to see her mother-in-law, mother and other family members.It is understood, 13:30 Xu, their families locate and saw controlled television cabinets left few footprints vague - Jiaoyubei from jumping through the window and her husband had left home, family comparing them to every place possible, no fruit.15:30 XU, Jiaoyubei daughter-in-law's mother-in-law for fear of an accident, ended up.
According to reports, although the pregnancy thing is a fake, but Jiaoyubei I like the physical condition nearly four months pregnant person 20:40 XU, the reporter again went to Jiaoyubei home, will tell their families, her mother-in-law and cousin surprised his face: "impossible! Absolutely not! We watched her in the stomach a big change every day! "
Why tell lies super?
Lee said that at about 10 am yesterday, the husband Jiaoyubei he called De-Fu Liu said: "We have parents blame the hospital free inspection Why not? Really Sorry, this time we definitely, you hospital. "But Lee Jiaoyubei a pedestrian arrived at the home, but she and her husband missing the trace.
Lee introduced, and later with his counterparts in the hospital Xiezhulin Jiaoyubei second home is not easy to find her, but Jiaoyubei beside the toilet, not out on the toilet outside Xiezhulin constantly advised her out Quanzhaoquanzhao, Jiaoyubei suddenly pulling out clothes Xiezhulin crying aloud, subsequently, Also kneeling on the ground crying, then Jiaoyubei couples to tell the truth.
After the emotional stability, Jiaoyubei it beside the side of the stomach things out to: actually three quilts, a dozen pieces of clothes, sweaters, garment, cotton cushion, hats and other articles, a full 20."Using the Club, took a July 8 kilograms." (During the process anyone see)
Lee said that the reasons lie Jiaoyubei her first pregnancy, are carrying one pair of twins, but not the abortion care.Six seven months ago, her pregnant again, a check to the hospital, doctors said may triplets or quadruplets.More than three months ago may, Jiaoyubei parents back in the road, abortion Once off guard again, then are catching up with her husband Joe De-Fu Liu hit by a car, also the banner of the leg plate.Think of the husband is home only son, Joe afraid of the abortion issue are against him, hiding down. Half a month after Joe pregnant again.Then she suddenly come up with an idea is to use clothing, and other small pad to put up an stomachs, and then drove on, not to see her husband, and after a big belly, and then things out to.Thus, from time to time, Jiaoyubei deeper stomach filled, things will one day big belly up.Jiaoyubei said, in fact, they now have three months pregnant.
She really is under pressure to withdraw from the big lies?
His wife did not know the quilts stomach?
Lee said later Jiaoyubei 30 relatives and the media more than 20 reporters to the scene, Jiaoyubei things that make a big, cried and said Hingis, to River.Also borrowed the money to give a few thousand Puji Hospital, said beetles trips to the hospital, the hospital that I am sorry.
Another question out.
Jiaoyubei big scare in the stomach, her husband De-Fu Liu died after his pregnant daughter-in-law do not know is false.Moreover, a pregnant daughter-in-law told the media Multiple births are also his.
De-Fu Liu said, Puji Hospital yesterday morning imminent drove them home, the girl said before he Rafah to locate the true facts, the duo an anxious, from the rear window to jump out of hiding.
Puji hospital ambulance carrying Jiaoyubei couples enter Changchun suddenly stopped, has been in the back with an interview with the cars parked in the side, but it Jiaoyubei agitatedly shouted Nobody imagined.When they reached the hospital, Jiaoyubei couples rushed out of the hospital into the wards for their good, the door was locked up, in addition to her husband, Jiaoyubei refused to see people.
Until 23 o'clock yesterday, the reporter Jiaoyubei husband to his door, he said: "I really do not know that after this matter, since she knows pregnant multiple births, I dare not touch her at night are very far away."
Jiaoyubei husband said his wife 17 years old this year, is a snake (when she was interviewed by this 23-year-old Joe)."Last year, our 18 month-end marriage, she married shortly Wye pregnant, then I had a car accident, in the days when she had to take care of my side. Well, I support the disease, to support the family, I came to Songyuan urban wage, probably during this period, she abortion, but who has been her fear I was stimulated injury, so I have to hide it from. "De-Fu Liu said.
Note: Dr. Puji Hospital told reporters that the second abortion Joe, her husband of accident, the leg is also the banner plate.

He did not recall whether to accompany his wife went to the hospital?
"You know how his wife is pregnant with twin 5? Do check to the hospital? "When reporters asked about these issues, De-Fu Liu has said he does not recall whether to accompany his wife went to a hospital," I only remember that once accompanied his wife to the streets Maifan packs, get a woman, the wife of the elderly the clock, said his wife are carrying five births. know the news, I also accompany his wife to the bazaar done a skirt. "
De-Fu Liu said he was thinking is that if the five births, the family is unable, he would like to through the media publicity caused concern in society, it was able to lend them a helping hand."I am very giant, but I have to understand my wife, she is good for me, if I did not understand her, she finished ..."
Until 0:00 a.m. today, hospital superintendent and personnel from the hospital, husband and wife duo stay in the hospital this morning inspection will be done.


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