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Stop the Rotating Fan with Your Tongue

Gao Lei, a young man from Laiyang, a city of Shandong province, displayed his stunt of stopping a working fan with the tip of his tongue in this undated picture. [Photo:]

Have you ever tried using your fingers to stop the fast rotating propeller of an electric fan? Even more, have you thought of using your tongue to stop it? Ok here is someone who can do it.

Gao Lei, a young man from Laiyang, Shandong province, can stop a running fan with his own tongue, the Yantai Evening News reports.

When Gao carefully made contact with the fan using his tongue, the rotating fan began to slow down and finally came to a stop. When he lifted his tongue, the fan resumed rotating as before. But when a pen was used to touch the fan, the pen was flung away.

Gao will join a TV program called "Want to Challenge" on China Central Television to display his stunt next month.

But the young man can also play other tricks. He can do vocal imitation and he can drink a bottle of beer in 20 seconds, standing upside down.

With these stunts, he joined various TV programs in the recent years, wowing the audience time and time again.


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