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Baby Girl's Bottom Grows Two Extra Feet

Johnson Changsha October 17 (Reporter Wanghongting correspondent for Ma Lin Liu TSE) Maomao (a pseudonym), only two months, it has sprouted a butt feet, the toes clearly visible yesterday, Maomao was taken to Hunan Provincial Children's Hospital neonatal surgical care ward."The kids ass' feet 'is actually parasitic fetus, is a twin of embryonic development is not fully formed!" Hospital neonatal surgical director of Bi-professor said, this asymmetry Siamese deformity or first case in Hunan Province.

Today, in the Children's Hospital neonatal wards and babies in the meticulous care nurses under quietly fell asleep, lovely appearance and normal kids on the same.When the nurses will be wrapped with plush bed opened, the presence of people are shocked: the buttocks forward uplift plush great ass Middle extended this to the physical appearance of two physically, to the side of a clear separation of five toes, the side have two toes, heel also very evident.This accounted for a large corporation physical Maomao a large part of the body."This group is a redundant physical parasitic fetus!" Bi-professor said, Maomao the twins, and the other because of fetal development incomplete, and the child attached to the body. According to inspection, the plush and parasitic fetus is entirely separate from the organ, anus and urinary system are normal, as long as parasitic fetus by surgical resection, Maomao can resume normal.

Maomao from Yueyang Pingjiang rural Speaking of babies, the mother tears in their eyes, she said, "in August this year after giving birth to babies, to see this situation are scared, I was not pregnant Health and the disease, not eaten medicine, but also any unusual signs, I do not know how could this be? Now child surgery requires 15,000 yuan surgery, we already difficult home life, these days are to find ways to raise money. "Tomorrow 9, into the operating room to a plush, very worried about her mother, she may not protect children into the ward, but she has always been reluctant to leave the hospital she prayed constantly, "bless babies safely!"

Bi-Professor, Maomao tomorrow will implement asymmetric Siamese separation of deformity, if surgery will be successful as long as 23 hours, the surgery is completed, plush smooth 10 days if the resume can be like normal children around the same kind of life, the future will be left in the butt surgical imprint.Bi Xiang said that now dysplasia many of the children, the hospital must receive 40 per month, 50 orthopedic treatment of children. Dysplasia pregnancy when the mother is affected by the pollution, exposure to radioactive substances, may also be split abnormal embryonic development, genetic mutations and other reasons.


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    Ha ha who cares"

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    Your're an idiot. Thats why the world is going bad for ppl like you. What if that baby was you, what if that baby was one of your family member that you love the most. Wouldn't it hurt ? Would you care?

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