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Strong Man Pulls Bus with his Ears

One of Britain's strongest men has failed in a bid to break a world record by pulling a double-decker bus using his ears in London's Hyde Park.
Manjit Singh is defeated by the Routemaster's coldly implacable inertia

Manjit Singh hoped to pull the 7.5-tonne Routemaster at least 10 metres (33ft) to kick off the third annual Guinness World Records Day, but only succeeded in moving the vehicle part of the way.

'Unfortunately Manjit was not able to move the bus far enough on this occasion,' Guinness World Records spokeswoman Amarilla Espinoza said.
Manjit Singh, before failure struck

'He only managed to pull it around five metres (16ft). He's very disappointed, but that's the nature of record-breaking.'

Earlier this year, Mr Singh, from Leicester, succeeded in pulling a passenger aircraft weighing 7.4 tonnes a distance of 3.4 metres (11ft) using his ears.

He already holds several other records, including one for pulling a double-decker bus with his hair, and another for lifting 85kg (187lb) with his ears.


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