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Top 3 Various facial treatment

1) chocolate facial treatment
chocolate facial treatment
Facial treatment using organic chocolate, deeply nourishing for smooth skin.

A woman receives a massage and chocolate facial treatment at the Eurochocolate festival in Perugia, Italy, October 14, 2006.

2) face plastic mask
face plastic mask
A woman has her face covered with a plastic mask while receiving a facial treatment at a beauty fair in Bucharest March 1, 2007

3) Gold Facial Treatment
Gold Facial Treatment
Restore your skin with the ultimate skin rejuvenating treatment, 24 Karat Gold. UMO, a Japanese beauty company, has introduced the gold facial as a new way of skin treatment by using a sheet of pure gold. The company claims that gold can lift and firm skin, reduce the appearanc of fine lines and wrinkles, lighten and brithen skin. The treatment costs 30,000 yen ($250).


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