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Celebrities Staring At Boobs

Celebrities Busted Staring At Boobs

breasts of a female primate’s body contain the mammary glands, which secrete milk used to feed infants.

women develop breasts from the embryological tissues. However, at puberty female sex hormones, mainly estrogen, promote breast development, which does not occur in men. As a result womens' breasts become far more prominent than those of men.

Every human encounter with boobs goes something like this... first, the eyes identify them and then they send a message through the optic nerve telling the brain that there are boobs in the area. At this point the brain evaluates the overall risk factor involved in staring at the boobs immediately or waiting a few moments before sneaking an unsuspecting peek. Keep in mind that the entire time this process is going on, the subconscious is attempting to manipulate the conscious while the conscious is repeatedly saying "look at the face...!"



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