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Man Home Made Woman Sex Doll

Home Made Sex Doll

guy made his own sex doll but it’s not the fact that he made it, it’s the way he tells his story that is funny. He says he just wanted to be creative and of course he doesn’t use it anymore.
He made it during one Christmas break: “I made it from old articles of clothing, old paper towel rolls and masking tape. It was stored in a special spot where no one would find it. I used to do all the positions I knew back then; doggy style, missionary, reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. I also purchased some women’s perfume and I would spray it all over the doll for more a real life effect. Felt good as hell!”

So now, let’s see the pictures with his explanations. Maybe someone will need them ;)
P.S. In the end you will see how he improved the doll.

“I'll show you how I engineered the vag since it's the most important part.. the rest was easy as hell. It was pretty warped when i dug it out from its hiding spot... so i needed to tape it up a bit to show you guize what it used to look like lol. The way i made it was I used some cardboard to make a hollow frame, stuffed some cut up pieces of clothes in there to make primitive "pussy lips" and then placed a disposable glove over top for the actual screwhole... this way i could cum into it and then replace the glove easily.

Anyway... after I made that thread on the misc, the mods deleted it. I then thought about what I should do with the bish; should I toss it out? Nah that seemed like a waste. Should I sell it? Maybe... but not yet. Perhaps I could give it a makeover? Afterall it was a little banged up. So I decided to use more old clothing and masking tape to fix it up a bit:

I patched up the arm, re-attached the breast, took off its cover girl magazine picture of a face and temporarily replaced it with with a foam sphere

And there it was... the finished product. Pretty impressive, I thought to myself.

So you might be wondering.. what the fuk am I going to use this thing for? for sex? God no... I rarely even masturbate no adays. To make it my imaginary girlfriend? lol... of course not... I'm not psychotic. I've decided to use it for lulz..


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