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Free Best Shopping For Dress Carts Shop | Full Discount 2011

Free Best Shopping For Dress Carts Shop | Full Discount 2011

Spanish and Portuguese shoppers arrive at Desigual outlets in their underwear... to be clothed for free It’s not the sort of winter sale you would expect to happen in England No Need Discount Coupon.

But for theses Spanish and Portuguese shoppers the chilly weather was not so much of a factor.

They braved the mild New Year temperatures to cash in as clothing company Desigual promised: ‘Come in undressed and go out dressed.'

he wacky idea from the company, who was started by a Swiss in 1984 but has its headquarters in Barcelona, seems to have been a hit for those in the mood for a cheeky deal.

But there was a hitch: only the first 100 punters who arrived at selected branches were given the free stash.

At the Madrid store alone some 200 people queued outside ready to strip down to their underwear to take advantage of the shop's winter sale offer.

With the Spanish capital starting the winter sales five days before the traditional January 7 date, shoppers had to show their flesh in exchange for two free items of clothing - a top and bottom piece.

Pedro Soares and Ivan Silva claimed that they were the first to arrive at the Lisbon store at 1am in the early hours of Sunday morning, waiting eight hours until the doors opened and they were entitled to take home an outfit of their choice, gratis.

‘I have a woolly jumper and a pair of trousers, which would have cost €250 (£210),’ 20-year-old Mr Soares told Lusa News Agency.

‘I really like this brand and like this I can take the clothes without paying for them.’

Mr Silva said: ‘It was fun. We were the first to arrive and more people came during the night. When they opened the doors there was such a rush with people falling over each other to get the best clothes.’

Friends Jenny and Lisa from New Zealand had been waiting since before midnight outside the Madrid store and said it was a great opportunity to meet new amigos.

‘We have been here since 11pm with my friends,’ Jenny said. ‘New friends that we made here!’

Erica, from Brazil, earned her number one spot by waiting from 3pm the previous day and was happy with her choice, although she intended to buy more, in addition to the two free items.

‘I am number one and I have gotten a coat and trousers, but I am still picking things, there is a lot left to get though,’ she said.

Desigual were delighted with the interest the stunt gained for the brand – and rather than leaving those who did not make the top 100 shivering in next to nothing, they provided them with half-price discounts.

Public Relations officer Beatriz Almeida said that the initiative was aimed at marking the official start of the sales.

‘It went well,’ she said. ‘The brand aims to be original so we wanted this action to be different.’

Though the company has a store on Regent Street, according to the website there are no plans to offer a similar deal for London-based shoppers.



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