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Horse Becomes A Regular Drinker At British Pub | Animal Drink Beer

Horse Becomes A Regular Drinker Staff at a pub in Staffordshire say they don't mind that one of their regulars always has a long face -- because it's not like Basil could do anything about it.

The nine-year-old Welsh Cob stallion has become a regular at the Meynell Ingram Arms in Burton where he is allowed to walk right in and up to the bar.

Over the past few years he's even said to have started enjoying the occasional tipple of Marson's Pedigree which is always served to him in his own glass.

Manager Guy Wallis insists locals don't mind sharing the bar with the 14.2 hands pony… though there have been complaints he doesn't ever get a round in.
Wallis added that Basil's owners have been regulars at the pub for more than ten years and he has often tried to get his hoof in the door.

But a couple of years ago they gave up trying to keep him out and let him wander up to the bar. Now they even give him some vegetables to go with his pint.

Speaking of their unusual drinking companion, one regular said: "It's great to see animals in pubs, it's like the good old days. If people can take a dog into a pub why not a horse."


  1. It's like i saw it on one film. This is hilarious.

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