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World's Smallest Caravan 2011

Caravan 2011
World's Smallest Caravan 2011

The QTvan, which features a bed, kettle, TV, radio alarm clock and can be towed by a standard mobility scooter, has been pitched as the ideal way to bag a spot for the Royal Wedding.

Nobody likes being stuck behind a caravan – but who would have thought one could hold up your weekly shop at the supermarket?

This tiny camper has been pitched as the ideal way to bag a spot for William and Kate's nuptials without having to spend the previous night sleeping rough.

But once the celebrations are over, owners can also go wild in the aisles because it is even small enough to be driven around a supermarket.

The QTvan – named after the British love of queuing, tea and caravans – is something of a departure for designer Yannick Read, whose previous work includes the Bond Bike, which has an ejector seat and flame thrower.

‘Being able to build something that is a bit eccentric has been a joy,’ said Mr Read.

‘It is quintessentially English. We have a love/hate relationship with the caravan.’

The QTvan was developed by the Environmental Transport Association to highlight the fact that 220,000 people with mobility scooters do not have breakdown cover.

Mr Read said: ‘An increasing number of people rely on mobility scooters but if you develop a fault or run out of battery power and don’t have breakdown cover, or a tiny caravan in tow, your only options are to push something that weighs the equivalent of two men home or call a relative with a large car.’

The £5,500 carbon-neutral van was taken for a spin in a Tesco store to show how easily it navigated everyday obstacles.

Models can be ordered on the ETA website, with optional extras including solar panels, satellite dishes and even central heating.


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